Welcome to Predator Paintball Ireland in Tralee.

Join our commanders, experts in paintball ambush and attack strategies, for the Ultimate Paintball Adventure

Situated in Tralee, County Kerry on 27 Acres including 20 acres of mature woodland and a 7 acre competition site. The paintball area consists of rugged terrain with trees, trails, hills, streams, bunkers, six bridges, a base camp, a village, a fort, a church with a sniper steeple, the Radio Hut on an Island and two 20ft bridges. Dotted around you will encounter Army Jeeps, Army Trucks and a fully operational tracked Army Tank. At Predator Paintball we’ve got The Works!

The place itself is like an Army Camp with army tanks and camouflage netting. The day was close and bright, the adrenaline pumped and the sweat flowed freely and you would sell your mother for a bag of paintballs. Predator Paintball was very friendly and well-run and an absolutely brilliant time was had by everyone.